The Thin Line Between Grace And Truth

When my family reminds me that I am the daughter of the King, who promises that He will never leave and I will be protected, I operate out of a place of joy rather than a place of fear.


So just in case you have been hiding under a rock we are currently in the middle of a Global Pandemic. As someone who falls under the high-risk category, I have been under the confines of my house for the past three weeks, and to be quite honest, it has been very lonely and very hard. Part of my job is to help counsel people through traumatic experiences and normally when there is a trauma, there is a start date and there is an end date. Right now we don’t have an end date. We don’t know how long we will have to grieve the rises in numbers, statistics, and unemployment rates. All we know is that it is best to stay home. Every day brings on newness and hardships. So when asked how do we love our single friends / young adults well, I wasn’t really sure how to answer the question. What I can share is my new normal and where I have found joy.


Most days I have needed lots of grace. Every morning we wake up and we are immediately bombarded with new information about death tolls, lockdowns and not much information that brings hope. This brings new anxieties and stress. While all this is true, what is also true is that businesses and life keep moving. This combination of work still happening and the unknown of the pandemic leaves me feeling overwhelmed and out of control.What I need in those feelings is grace. Grace to take a second and breathe. I have felt so much relief from loved ones telling me it’s okay to turn off the notifications and get off of social media for a while. The grace given to cry and be angry. Grace given to step away from work or to not look at the news. Grace to grieve the loss of going to the grocery store or to a movie. Grace to sleep in a little bit longer and linger during time with the Lord. I think we must remind each other that there is tons of grace for each of us to take care of ourselves, in whatever way we need.


While there is so much room for grace, I have found I am in desperate need for people to remind me of truths. I have been just as encouraged by people’s honesty, as I am by the grace that they have given me. It takes a lot of courage to tell the truth about how we are all feeling, around this pandemic. I want to encourage you to tell your people the truth. Tell them about what sin cycles are coming back up, where you’re struggling, and how they can support you. More importantly we all need to be pointing each other to Gospel truth. I have been thinking about what the Lord wants me to learn amidst this craziness. When things don’t go as planned, and we realize that we are out of control, do we turn to God or our own devices? Whether those are literal electronic devices or old coping mechanisms. Will we choose “the created” or the Creator? The Truth of the Lord being our rest, healer, provider, and protector has brought me so much comfort.  My friends help remind me that the Lord is our rest; and to find peace in His word brings me the calm I seek in earthly things. When my people remind me that God is a healer through prayer and devotionals, my anxieties are calmed, even as the death toll rises. When my discipler points me to scripture telling me that God will provide for all my needs, I feel less of a need to hoard and seek to serve those who can’t serve themselves. When my family reminds me that I am the daughter of the King, who promises that He will never leave and I will be protected, I operate out of a place of joy rather than a place of fear.


Remember friends there is a thin line between grace and truth but we ultimately need both. As a young adult we can often feel overlooked and forgotten about during this season, especially us singles. That is so true and hard, and be encouraged knowing that you have people who see you and are experiencing the same hardness. May we seek each other out and give each other grace while speaking truth.