Returning to Authentic Discipleship, the Ministry of Writing, and Superhero Movies

Jared C. Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Managing Editor of For The Church(and host of the FTC Podcast), and Director of The Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO.

Jared is not a catalytic “agent of change” or a visionary anything. He is a failed church planter and once made a mess of his marriage. He likes food too much and worries way too much about what people think, and he’s definitely not all that he’s cracked up to be. After 20 years of ministry, he’s mainly learned that he’s kind of a nincompoop. But he knows Jesus loves him.

Jared blogs at The Gospel-Driven Church.

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We need to create a culture where it is okay to not be okay. It’s not okay to stay not okay, but grace works best among those who are able to say they really need it.




Jared’s Speaking Schedule including the 2018 Downline Summit