Living in the Normal Rather than Looking for the Epic, Putting Presence over Performance, and Best Places in Memphis to Eat!

To me, that’s all ministry was really about, was competency.

Robbyn Abedi talks about his upbringing in Mississippi as the son of an Iranian man and American women. Feeling out of place, he developed a love for ministry at a young age and found his identity in preaching. Always striving for epic, life-changing sermons and seeing little return from his congregation, he realized he needed to put his presence over his performance. He realized ministry wasn’t just about competency, but that care played an equally critical role in discipling his church.

Leaving the epic to God, gave him relief and allowed him to truly be vulnerable and empathetic with his congregation, and more importantly, himself. He found the more he was able to care and love himself, the more he was able to care and love the people beside him.

He now wants his church to let their Sunday service be a very vulnerable and honest time where Jesus is all the epic they need. He is fine with living in the normal so that he can relate and care for his congregation, which is the whole goal of biblical disciple-making.