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Our team will be teaching in the only evangelical Bible school in Serbia, and one of the few in the entire Balkan region. The country is .7% evangelical. Many of the students are the only Christians from their hometowns, and when the students graduate, they either plant churches or serve in their local church. The HUB Bible School is right outside of Belgrade, and we have been partnering with the school for nearly 8 years. We have been sending two trips per year for the past several years because it is a such a strategic partnership.

There are roughly 30 students in the school, most of whom are in their twenties and thirties, with some ranging into their sixties. We will staying at the school with the students, eating with them, and going to class with them, which makes it a highly relational trip. Nearly all of the students speak English or are at least conversational, but there is a translator on site to help teach. The trip is also teaching intensive; we will be in class 9-3 every day.  This trip is led by Steve Winstead.

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