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  • date May 16-28
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This will be our second year to serve alongside our gracious hosts Dan and Jessica Cotton. Dan is an entrepreneur who loves the Lord and people. He’s very well connected with both the local Panamanians and the expats who are working long-term and for a season in Panama City. Dan and Jessica oversee a guest house where they receive ministry teams throughout the year.

We will be leading two disciple-making conferences. The first conference will be for local Spanish speakers at Dan and Jessica’s guest house. The second conference will be for the expat English speakers. The setting for the second disciple-making conference will be in either El Valle (a tourist area) or perhaps a beach house. We will work hard and at the same time have a lot of fun serving together. We’ll have great opportunities to learn from the people in Panama and also have a setting to pass along some things God has been teaching us.

Panama is a strategic city in so many ways. People move there from all over the world. I trust this will be some special days for you to connect with the Lord in Panama. If you have a hot heart for the Lord and you love people and adventure…come join us!

The leader of this trip will be Pepper Horn.

Meet the Staff: Pepper Horn from Downline Online on Vimeo.


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