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  • date Feb 20-Mar 1, 2020
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The leader of a Christian church in Israel once commented to a friend of the Downline Staff: “So many people come to Israel to see dead stones, but rarely do they come and see the ‘living stones.’”Our desire is to go and encourage, learn from, partner with, and help pass on discipleship training to those “living stones” in Israel.

Israel is a very multicultural setting, as many Jews from around the world returned to Israel when it was declared an independent nation. There is also a large expatriate community (both English & Spanish speaking) and we will have the privilege of partnering and coming into contact with them, as well as other local  communities. We will be doing what we do best in local churches and in partnership with various ministries: discipleship training, both with leaders and youth. The trip will be lead by Steve Winstead and Betsy Killins.

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