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  • date Nov 14-21, 2019
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Get ready for a wonderful taste of Central America! These trips are all about the people you will meet and the experiences we will share.
We will be working in the capital city of Tegucigalpa with a good friend Dr. Ivan Lainez who oversees the day-to-day operation of a ministry called Point Honduras.
Dr. Ivan is well-connected with national leaders of organizations and churches in Honduras. We will be training key representatives from these groups.
There will be a two pronged approach to our training.
One training conference will be focused on Making Disciples Who Make Disciples. We will be looking at the model and mandate of Jesus to make disciples of all nations.
The other part of our training will be equipping people to share the good news in a very clear and simple way. When this training is completed students will be equipped to not only share the good news, but to also train others to do the same. This simple method is being used in wonderful ways all over the world.
This promises to be not only a time of experiencing a new culture, but also a life-changing experience of training national leaders who will make a lasting difference for years to come.
Get ready to see lives changed…and one of those lives may be your own.
The leader for this trip will be Pepper Horn and this trip is open for both men and women.