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We have the great privilege of joining a ministry that has a very similar heart to Downline’s.
We will be going right outside of Guadalajara, Mexico to the Matthew Training Center (http://matthewtrainingcenter.org/en/). The Matthew Training Center exists to serve people who desire to participate in making disciples of all nations and has a vision to provide specialized training and spiritual guidance through on-site instruction and experiential programs for cross-cultural mission participants. Their students come from many different Latin American countries, and often from the U.S., Canada, and Germany as well. The missionaries who run this center are an exceptional team of Canadians and Mexicans with extensive missions experience and deep sensitivity to the Lord and His work both in individuals and in Latin America and across the globe. They have a heart to see multicultural teams equipped to reach the nations.
Our team will be doing a week of both discipleship training and biblical manhood/womanhood training. This trip is unique in that we will spend most of our time at their beautiful training center. It is an opportunity to build and invest in deeper relationships as we will be staying in the same location as the students, eating our meals with them, and sharing life with them. Our investment will not only be through the training we give, but the time we spend one-on-one with the students.

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