Emerging Leaders: Serving with Kingsbury Soccer

Part of the Emerging Leader experience requires 4 volunteer hours per week with a church, non-profit, or in the urban context. Leanna Baldner choose to spend her volunteer hours with the girls on the Kingsbury Soccer team. However, this wasn’t her initial choice. Read how God is using her volunteer time:
As an Emerging Leader, one of the most rewarding experiences has been volunteering with the Kingsbury High School girls soccer team. Working with the girls is an opportunity I didnt ask the Lord for. When it was first presented to me, I turned it down. I was convinced the Lord was leading me down a different path, but the Lord is persistent with his plans and of course they succeed.


As a result, the Lord has been using this experience as a sanctification tool. First, he is teaching me to use the gifts he has entrusted me with as a platform to share the gospel and glorify him. The Lord has gifted me with soccer, but this ability is only a means he has given me to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. I have to be able to look past the momentary value of teaching a skill or winning a game and see the eternal value of proclaiming the good news in word and deed through the platform he has given me.


Second, he is teaching me that although the girls on the team and I look differently and come from different backgrounds, the commonality we have is our need for a savior. We live in a broken world where Satan is doing his best to destroy us with the sin that so easily entangles. Because of this sin, we find a common bond in that we have the same sin and struggle with the same temptation. Although these sins and temptations take on different forms, they all stem from the underlying truth that we are all sinners in dyer need of a Savior. This truth enables us to relate to each other, but we can be unified only through belief in the gospel.


Lastly, he is teaching me what true discipleship is. When I began to disciple girls in college, I was quick to complete a Bible study with them but slow in spending myself for or my time on them. Since I have been volunteering at Kingsbury, this is something the Lord has graciously forced me to learn. Through the amount of time spent with the girls, I have seen that the most effective discipleship is through imparting truth but also through experiencing life with them. This stark contrast in discipleship techniques has allowed me to see the effects of true discipleship in a persons life.
And if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise out of the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.Isaiah 58:10