Downline in Colombia

This weekend Downline is sending a team to Bogota, Colombia under the leadership of Steve Winstead and Colombia native Betsy Killins.


Betsy is already in Colombia preparing for the team’s arrival, laying some groundwork and networking for their time.


While the team is in Colombia, they will be fellowshipping and worshiping at Felipe’s church (EL from last year) on Sunday, Jan 11th. Steve will be preaching. They will spend the afternoon with many of the believers.


The next few days will be spent outside of the capital city of Bogota, hosting a discipleship workshop, helping at a Christian campground, teaching discipleship classes at the International Christian School and training students. We will return to Bogota for a two day discipleship training conference with a network of churches, a meal with missionaries and worship and fellowship at local churches before our departure home.


This trip will include many relational components, things that aren’t officially “scheduled” but that will surely come up.


As we prepare for this trip, Betsy sent us a list prayer requests. Would you join us in praying for the team going to Colombia and the work they will do while they are there?


Pray for:


Felipe, his family, and the church he is a part of and who will be hosting us-

Each team member’s hearts, attitudes, and lesson preparation

Steve and Betsy as they seek to lead this team in a way that honors God, the team members, and the people and churches they will come in contact with.

The team’s teaching

For God to bring the right people to the conference and be preparing them to “catch the vision” for disciple-making and discipleship relationships

For true, sweet fellowship & encouragement between the Colombian believers & our team

For the students at the International school where the team will be teaching

For protection & strength – not just physically but also mentally, spiritually, relationally, and emotionally

Sensitivity to the Spirit, to see and hear what He is doing and be willing to join in, even if it costs us (our comfort, our schedule, changes in our worldview and values upon return, etc.)

How God wants to use this time to shape each team member’s life from here forward

We truly appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and support!
Stay up-to-date with the day-to-day events of the Colombia trip by following along on the Downline Global blog.