Don’t Be Afraid of the Holy Spirit

By David Arthur

What do I believe about the Holy Spirit?  Seems like a question I should have wrestled down a long time ago seeing that I have been a follower of Jesus since I was 13 years old. A friend gave me a Francis Chan book Crazy Love. Wow! It was like the sucker punch I got when reading David Platts Radical a few months earlier.  Good stuff.  Well I wanted to know if Chan was a one hit wonder or if he had more to offer so I bought his next book on the Holy Spirit The Forgotten God. The title poked me in the spiritual gutagain.

Francis addresses in this book the fear that keeps us from asking ourselves what we really believe.  As I explored this question I could relate to the fear. But come on, what is there to fear?


Fear #1 I am afraid to put Him (the Holy Spirit) to the test because of what I may discover. What if I ask Him to do something and He doesnt come through.  Will He be exposed in my frail mind as a failure? Exposed as a fraud? Maybe He doesnt exist?  Wow. Just typing these questions makes me nervous. Is it like walking a high-wire? You know the deal look down at something besides the little wire and lose your focus means death. If I entertain this thought will I lose my focus and fall?


Fear #2 What if I truly submit to Him and He leads me to where I dont want to go? He may ask me to do something really scary, painful, difficult.  Chan is no comfort here! He guarantees that the Holy Spirit will lead me the way of the cross denying myself. But wait a minute is it my lifes ambition to live safely? Comfortable? Predictable? Or am I willing to live the life of Spirit-controlled adventure?!?


I choose risk. I volunteer for adventure.


So here is what I prayed – “Lord, You love and know me best, more than I do of myself. You are all powerful AND good. So why would I not completely trust and follow YOU?  Help me Holy Spirit to yield 100% to Your control. Turn my fears into assurance knowing that You will guide and lead me into all truth.”  Lets do this Lord! Lets do it today!
Galatians 5:25 speaks straight into my soul – “If we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with Him.Face your fears head on and focus on the Holy Spirit today.


David Arthur is the Vice President of Teaching and Training for Precept Ministries International.