Seminary FAQ

Do I need to apply to Southern Seminary to receive credit?

Yes, if you choose to take the MAP Course you must apply to Southern. For MAP courses you need to apply either before you start the Downline Institute or within the first two weeks of class.

You don’t have to apply to Southern prior to taking the New Testament and Old Testament Courses however; these courses only transfer to Southern Seminary.


What is the cost of Seminary Credit toward Southern?

 If you wish to receive credit for MAP course toward a Masters of Divinity, your cost will be the current tuition rates at Southern Seminary in addition to the standard Downline Institute ($1600).

If you wish to receive credit for the Old and New Testament course toward a Masters if Divinity or a Masters of Arts your cost will be the standard Downline tuition ($1600) plus $100 per credit hour. No additional fees for these Courses are paid to Southern.

The above rates also apply to online students seeking credit. To see Southern Seminary’s current tuition rates, click here.


What degree should I pursue at Southern?

 Downline Ministries recommends that you speak directly with Southern Seminary on this issue. However, at southern Seminary, the Masters of Arts degree is only available for lay leader, that is, individuals who are not planning to pursue vocational ministry. If you are seeking to pursue vocational ministry, you may want to pursue a different degree such as the Master of Divinity. The MAP courses only apply to the Masters of Divinity.


What is the time commitment for seminary credit at Southern?

 The Downline Institute has 4 hours of required class time per week with an additional 2-hour class per month. Those seeking seminary credit will have assignments in addition to the institute time requirement. Due to the different paces with which people work it is difficult to calculate a specific time commitment. We hope that by offering seminary credit for various courses you will be able to find what best fits.


What is the schedule for seminary classes?

Old Testament courses are only offered in the fall and New Testament courses are only offered in the spring. MAPs courses are for the entire 9 months (August- May)


Will Southern credit transfer to another seminary?

 The MAPs credit can be transferred to any seminary that will receive them. Downline strongly recommends checking with the seminary you plan on transferring credit to in order to confirm.

Credit for the Old Testament and New Testament courses apply toward degrees at Southern only and cannot be transferred.


What is the cost of advance degree standing through DTS?

Whatever credit you qualify for Advanced Standing is free! However, no credit is guaranteed, you must apply for Advance Standing at DTS and they will determine if and how much credit you receive.


How much of a degree can I receive through advance standing at DTS?

This depends on how you do on your writing sample, exam and interview.

  • Up to 15 hours for ThM students
  • Up to 9 hours for MS students
  • Additional hours available through a course-by- course advance standing application.


What degree should I pursue at DTS?

Downline Ministries recommends that you speak Theological Seminary directly. Visit the DTS website for more information. If you have other questions, contact advising (Contact info on the DTS web page).


Can I receive undergraduate credit for going through Downline?

 Yes, through Lancaster Bible College, Memphis Center for Urban Studies, and Boyce College.

For more information contact