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In This Together: The Unifying Effect of Crises

What would it look like if our fears and anxieties turned into compassionate intercession? A unifying identification with brothers and sisters around the world?  So here we are . . . all at varying phases of this global crisis. In Memphis, we are nearing the end of our fourth week of social distancing/safer at home, […]

The Thin Line Between Grace And Truth

When my family reminds me that I am the daughter of the King, who promises that He will never leave and I will be protected, I operate out of a place of joy rather than a place of fear.   So just in case you have been hiding under a rock we are currently in […]

Where The Gospel Meets Mental Health

Our desire for freedom from the illnesses we face is not unnatural. Nor is it unnatural to ask God for the shackles to be broken. The quiet prayers at night usher in a longing for another world; a longing that God infused within our hearts.   “I wish the Ring had never come to me,” […]

Blessed To Be A Blessing: Loving Your Neighbor Amidst A Pandemic

Let’s be people who can connect for fun and entertainment but also for processing the pain and fear we are all experiencing and share a hope that they can never lose no matter what hardships arise.    The past two weeks have changed so many things in our lives, but it has not changed what […]

Digital Tools That Cultivate Community

We all know they [social media apps] can never replace when you can look someone in the eyes, reach out a hand or give a reassuring hug. However, they can allow us to still be the hands and feet of Jesus to those we serve, even if we have to be in different places right […]

Discipling From A Distance

It may take some creativity, but I believe that we can effectively continue to help people grow in their faith even in the midst of social distancing! There’s no question that we live in unusual and uncertain times. Social distancing, quarantines, and isolation are the new norm during the COVID-19 era.   As followers of Christ, in the […]