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Emerging Leaders and Law School: Jacob Harvey

Why would someone choose to postpone a promising law career to move to Memphis and take part in the Emerging Leader program? Hear from Jacob Harvey as he shares why he decided to do just that and why he feels he made the right decision.

Emerging Leaders and Hip-Hop: Terence “June” Gray

The Emerging Leader program gives young leaders the tools they need to excel in various types of ministry.   Terence “June” Gray shares his story and how the Emerging Leader Program better equipped him to lead people in worship through hip-hop.

15 Nuggets of Wisdom

Jamie Trussell, Director the Emerging Leaders program, shares his advice for this year’s graduates. Though the original audience for this material was our graduating students, there is surely encouraging and challenging application to be found here by all.   Here are the final 15 thoughts I shared with the Emerging Leader graduates of 2012. This […]

Emerging Leaders: Launching Out Missionaries

  The Emerging Leader Program not only equips those who plan on going into education, business, medicine, and vocational ministry. From this year’s Emerging Leader class alone we are sending out 5 missionaries to 4 different countries!   Will you join us in praying for them? Will you write each of their names in your […]

Emerging Leaders: A Heart for the Nations by Shana Boyd

Being a part of the Emerging Leaders program this year has broadened my worldview and brought about an increased awareness and heart for all nations. Prior to the lessons each week, we take a few moments, altogether as a class, to spotlight a certain country and pray for their specific needs. During this time Downline […]

Emerging Leaders: Making A Difference At MAM

Our Emerging Leaders are asked to volunteer 4-6 hours each week with a church or non-profit during their time in the program. A recent graduate of the EL program has been highlighted by Memphis Athletic Ministries for making such a huge impact through their mentor program. The boy he’s been mentoring this year, Javion, wrote […]