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Emerging Leaders: Serving with Kingsbury Soccer

Part of the Emerging Leader experience requires 4 volunteer hours per week with a church, non-profit, or in the urban context. Leanna Baldner choose to spend her volunteer hours with the girls on the Kingsbury Soccer team. However, this wasn’t her initial choice. Read how God is using her volunteer time: As an Emerging Leader, […]

Emerging Leaders: Serving with Campus Outreach

Denny Catalano is the director of Campus Outreach at the University of Memphis. His view of campus ministry was changed dramatically after going through the Downline Emerging Leaders program. You can hear his story here:

Emerging Leaders: Life as a Newlywed

Imagine being a newlywed, living in a new city where you know almost no one, all while going through an intense discipleship training program. This is exactly what Josh and Jordan Johnson signed on for when they decided to go through the Emerging Leader Program. You can hear their story here:

Emerging Leaders: Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

Brad Chester, a guy from small town Elk City Oklahoma, and I, Parker Watkins from Fayetteville Arkansas, got an amazing opportunity last year to experience God in Memphis Tennessee as we attended the Emerging Leaders program with Downline Ministires. Little did we know that this year would not only impact our hearts the way it […]

Emerging Leaders: God’s Love Despite Performance

Being involved with sports throughout college, there was always pressure to perform. I had pressure from coaches, peers, family, and the media. Under this pressure, I thrived. I thrived because I learned to perform. But, I also felt pressure from people in religion. This was the pressure that almost destroyed my view of and relationship […]

Emerging Leaders: Serving Outside of Our Context

I’ve been serving with Memphis Athletic Ministries for around four weeks now.  Officially, my role is to help kids become more successful in school through homework help and tutoring.  But as a middle-class white person serving impoverished urban kids, there are a number of challenges that come with the territory which aren’t part of my […]