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A Sovereign Surprise

All of us inclined our ears to hear what this old man had to say. Despite his circumstances, he radiated joy and contentment. The old man spoke and paused for the translator to interpret. The translator contorted his brow to think and said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” I lost it. Tears […]

Small World, Big God

When I first applied to go on a trip with Downline, East Asia was not at the top of my list. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t on the list at all. Since I’ve been to Asia before I figured “I’ve had this experience, let’s try something new and totally different”. Originally, my team was planning […]

Reflections of an Emerging Leader

As a fresh college graduate, I came to the Emerging Leader program in hopes that the Downline Institute would mend the wounds from a less-than-stellar last semester of college. And I wanted easier transition to the real world because what 22 year old knows exactly what they want to do with their life? I would […]

We Ain’t Seen Nothing Like Jesus Yet

Lukan Parables – Ch. 10 & 13 As I journey in the life of active discipleship, I’ve run into some trials while explaining the Scriptures to a new believer or an intrigued hopeful. Acknowledging that I am developing in my studies, going through the Lukan Parables helped me see “the gospel in story”. The foundation […]

My Year As An Emerging Leader

For the 2013-2014 Downline Institute year, I decided to come and be a part of the Emerging Leader program because I wanted to develop and mature in my faith as a believer. I had heard much praise about the program for about two years and greatly anticipated experiencing it for myself. I knew that another […]

Emerging Leaders: Changing Lives at Cornerstone Prep

The Emerging Leader Program is much more than simply “taking a year to learn your Bible”. They are placed in situations where they can give back and be salt and light to a world that needs them. For Trey Willis, the decision where to serve was easy. As he began to partner with Cornerstone Preparatory […]