Category: Discipleship

Global Faithfulness

Certain moments have a profound impact on how are we view fruitfulness and faithfulness. I remember during the first year of Downline, it was March 2007 and we were preparing to take a team to El Salvador. Kennon Vaughan, JB Selecman, Danny Hinton, and I were meeting with Herb Hodges over breakfast at McDonald’s to […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

When I was a little girl, every time it snowed, my mom would remind me that no two snowflakes have ever been exactly alike. I’m not sure whether or not this statement is true, but it instilled a sense of wonder in me that I can still remember vividly. I can picture myself peering through […]

Reclaim Your Summer for Discipleship

I had no idea what I was walking into. In July 2017, I was hired at Briarcrest Christian School as the Director of Student Ministries. The person who held the job beforehand is one of my heroes in the ministry. Even with an understanding of the big shoes I was going to attempt to fill, […]

Word-Centered Discipleship

We are inundated with information. More than any other generation we are bombarded with words through email, websites, social media, and an endless supply of blogs and printed material (for those who still use such things). We are not at a loss for words, but to a degree, words are lost on us. In an […]

5 Principles of Discipleship from Colossians 1:28-29

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.” The command is as clear as day. Yet our understanding of how to live out the command is often foggy. Since becoming a Christian, I have lived in four different cities, and I have been involved in numerous discipleship movements. Each of these sought to live out […]

Discipling in Times of Weakness

Since fourteen, I have struggled with a long list of health problems. While many doctors have helped me manage my symptoms, no one has been able to attribute my condition to any specific cause. My symptoms have varied.  The severity of each symptom has varied. But I have yet to feel healthy.  That much has […]