Course Credit

Downline Ministries has established a partnership for Seminary credit with Southern Baptist theological Seminary (Southern) in Louisville, Kentucky and Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Through these partnerships Downline offers seminary credit in a few different ways, this means that students now have the opportunity to participate in the Institute and earn seminary credits simultaneously. Downline also has a partnership for undergraduate course credit with Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies at Lancaster Bible College.

Seminary Credit

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Students may obtain up to 30 hours of credit for participation in the Downline Institute. They must enroll as a student at Southern in order to get all 30 of these credits.

Courses Offered

Students can receive varying amounts of credit for going through Downline. The amount of credit you receive depends on the courses you take. You will be required to complete additional reading, writing, and research assignments to receive credit. Below are the courses you can take with the attached syllabi:

Introduction to the Old Testament, I (3 hours)

Introduction to the Old Testament, II (3 hours)

Introduction to the New Testament, I (3 hours)

Introduction to the New Testament, II (3 hours)

Ministry Apprenticeship Program, I (6 hours)

Ministry Apprenticeship Program, I (6 hours)

Ministry Apprenticeship Program, III (6 hours)


Dallas Theological Seminary

Downline does not offer seminary credit that applies directly at DTS. However, DTS offers the possibility of receiving advance degree standing for having completed the Downline Institute and demonstrating current competency normally gained through the DTS curriculum, So advance degree standing for having completer the Downline Institute is not guaranteed at DTS. To apply for advanced standing, you will need:

  • Evidence of Completion of Downline.
  • Complete an Objection Exam evaluating biblical and theological competency.
  • Writing sample (2,500 word paper, preferably in the area of Bible and /or theology)
  • Interview with Advance Standing Committee

Undergraduate Credit

Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies at Lancaster Bible College

Persons who successfully complete the Downline Institute and/or the Downline Emerging leaders program(s) are eligible to be awarded credit at MCUTS@LBC based on the following stipulations:

  1.  Persons must successfully complete all requirements established by the Downline organization.
  2. Persons must be accepted for undergraduate admission at MCUTS@LBC and be enrolled in at least one course, and
  3. Once accepted, MCUTS@LBC students must complete a Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) application, submit the certificate of completion from the Downline program with it, and pay the CPL fee.

If all these steps are satisfied, persons will be awarded 12 semester credit hours in Bible & Theology for completing the Downline Institute, and will be awarded 3 or 6 general elective semester credit hours for completing the Emerging Leaders program (3 credit hours for each semester in the Downline Emerging Leaders program, up to a maximum of 6), for a total of 18 potential semester credit hours.

Downline Institute or Emerging Leaders graduates will receive a 15% scholarship to MCUTS@LBC for as long as they are continuously enrolled in an undergraduate program at MCUTS@LBC.