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How Downline Impacted My First Year Of Marriage

This blog was written by 2015 Downline alumna, Riley Sample. In June of 2014, Hunter Sample and I got married in our hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. The very next day, we drove to Memphis and began our life as a new family – exciting, but scary! Hunter had already been living here for several […]

When God Calls You Into New Territory (reblog from The Gospel Coalition)

Voddie Baucham has taught at both the Downline Institute and The Downline Summit. We are so thankful for the impact he has made at Downline! This post was written by Gavin Ortlund, and was originally posted on The Gospel Coalition.    When God calls you to leave your ministry and move across the world to […]

The Lord Orders Our Steps (Reblog from Fellowship Memphis)

This post was written by Joe Thompson and originally posted here. In July of 2010, Rachel and I had never met. There was no Daniel Tiger, no Harlan Elizabeth, there was no “us.” I was in a dark place of depression after being rejected multiple times by the NFL for reasons I could not understand. […]

How Emerging Leaders Prepared Me For Life

This blog was written by 2015 Emerging Leaders alumnus, D.J. Skipps. As my last year of college came to an end, I began to feel the pressures of entering what is often referred to as “the real world”. My mind was telling me to continue toward my goal of joining the health field, but the […]

Peaches in Paradise : Why I loved Elisabeth Elliot (Reblog from John Piper)

This blog was written by John Piper and originally posted on At 6:15 this morning, Elisabeth Elliot died. It is a blunt sentence for a blunt woman. This is near the top of why I felt such an affection and admiration for her.Blunt — not ungracious, not impetuous, not snappy or gruff. But direct, […]