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A Theology of Ideas

What is this pictured here? Without hesitation, you would say grass. If not, you’re stupid (just kidding). If you did say grass, I’d say you are correct. No tricks here. But, let’s think about this a bit more. You’ve never had experience of this particular grass (neither have I). In fact, you don’t know where […]

A Theology of Faithfulness

God has not called me to be successful, but faithful. -Mother Teresa According to Hebrews 11, “it is impossible to please God without faith”. If “success” is the measure of our work, what room does it leave for faith? Meaning, if success is what we are after, how does that influence you in the work […]

A Theology of Enclosure

As a way to understand who God is and how He has worked throughout history, theology looks for themes in scripture. Themes, or controlling ideas, form discernible patterns. These patterns—constellations of God’s very mind and heart—reveal God’s character, offering us vivid, detectable truths by which we’re meant to live our lives. One pattern I ran […]

A Theology of the Kingdom

Written by: Corey Latta Where we begin theology says a lot about what we value theologically.  If I begin with God’s sovereignty, then I’ll likely interpret other divine characteristics against that privileged trait.  If I prioritize Pneumatology—the study of the Holy Spirit—then I might be apt to gauge theology’s other disciplines—say, soteriology—by their pneumatological intersections.  Inevitably, and […]

A Theology of Being Known

But now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God…. -Apostle Paul (Galatians 4:9) When I was 12 years old, my mom gave me my first study Bible. I remember ploughing through it – trying to mine out all the nuggets of knowledge, cross-referencing passage after passage, memorizing scripture […]

A Theology of Doxology

Written by: Ken Easley, Professor of Biblical Studies, Union University “That’s the best apple pie I ever tasted!” “What a stunning performance of Mozart!” “Your face is so beautiful! I never tire of just looking into your eyes.” When we experience something or someone good or true or beautiful, we can’t help but offer admiration and […]