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Five Resources For Theological Studies

By Dr. Corey Latta There are hundreds of excellent books, both popular and highly technical, on theology.  These are just five of my favorites (mostly popular) that anyone interested in theology should read and are listed in no particular order. Read up! 1- A Little Exercise for Young Theologians by Helmut Thielicke Why?  This little […]

The Mandate of Christ and Culture, Part 1

Written by: Corey Latta The phrase “Christ and culture” often refers to the way the Christian faith can and/or should relate to cultural ideas and mediums. Speaking of Christ and culture usually carries tones of Christian imperative, a sense of mission evoking questions of whether Christians should engage cultural mediums, and if so, to what extent. […]

When God Chased Me (Reblog from The Gospel Coalition)

This post was written by Downline Institute teacher, Garrett Kell and originally posted on The Gospel Coalition.  It was early in my junior year at Virginia Tech, and everywhere I turned it felt like God was following me. It all began a few months before, when a friend talked to me about Jesus at a Halloween party. Since that […]

A Gospel, Unashamed

Written by: Corey Latta To say that Paul’s epistle to the Romans is an important book in the Bible is an extreme understatement. Romans has influenced some of the most important figures in the history of the Church. Saint Augustine, in the moments before his conversion, heard a mysterious voice say, “Take up and read. […]

How Downline Impacted My First Year Of Marriage

This blog was written by 2015 Downline alumna, Riley Sample. In June of 2014, Hunter Sample and I got married in our hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. The very next day, we drove to Memphis and began our life as a new family – exciting, but scary! Hunter had already been living here for several […]

The Lord Orders Our Steps (Reblog from Fellowship Memphis)

This post was written by Joe Thompson and originally posted here. In July of 2010, Rachel and I had never met. There was no Daniel Tiger, no Harlan Elizabeth, there was no “us.” I was in a dark place of depression after being rejected multiple times by the NFL for reasons I could not understand. […]

In competition for Millennials, Memphis makes strides with an act of faith (Repost from High Ground)

This post was written by Emily Adams Keplinger and originally posted here . Downline Ministries graduated their fifth Emerging Leaders class last month, and their alumni retention is making an impressive mark on the community.  Of the 41 participants in the year-long program, 36 have decided to make Memphis their home after the institute. But they’re not […]

Captured by Genesis

There’s something about the book of Genesis that captures the imagination.     And it’s really no surprise – this book contains the origin of our existence, the expansion of civilization, the rise and fall of empires, stories of romance and heartache, dreams and disasters, gain and loss; Genesis has it all, beautifully stitched together […]

Pray With Us – September 2014

Please join us in praying for the following requests in September: Downline Institute Please pray for the new students embarking on their Downline Institute journey across all 5 Downline campuses – Memphis, Little Rock, Northwest Arkansas, Atlanta and Southwest Georiga Financial Needs Please pray that the necessary support would be raised for the new Downline […]

God’s Anointing in Guatemala

Pepper is currently serving in Guatemala and sent back this answered prayer this week…   God has opened doors for us in the key seminary in all of Latin America! We have dates to return next summer to conduct training in the seminary and in local churches in Guatemala City.   We also recorded a […]

Getting Out of the Way

A little over a month ago, my mom and I had the privilege of joining Downline on a trip to Sierra Leone, a beautiful country in west Africa. For those that are unaware, this country was nearly destroyed 12 years ago by a brutal civil war that lasted 11 years. Nearly every person we met […]

Dependent and in Need

Traveling to Indonesia with Downline was the first time I had been outside of the United States for something other than vacation and I did not know what to expect. Not only that, but I, some kid who took a few Downline classes, was to reteach what I’d learned to several church planters and leaders […]

On Commissionings and Sendoffs

This is a big week for the the Downline Institute and the Emerging Leaders program. Indeed, this time of year is big for many such organizations, schools, and training programs.   It’s the time of year when we wrap things up and say our good-byes. It’s the time of year when we host going away […]

Equipped to Teach

About 18 months ago, I was asked to lead the young singles class at my church. As a college professor, I’m obviously comfortable teaching. However, I’d never taught Bible or led Sunday school and frankly felt incredibly intimidated by it. A few months prior, I was asked to lead a video driven Bible study based […]

Discipleship in the Home

In Genesis, we see the first picture of God’s desire for reproduction. “Be fruitful and multiply.” In biological reproduction, his creatures would advance his glory by reproducing image bearers in right relationship with Him. As it turns out (I would argue), that reproduction (both physically and spiritually) is a prevailing thread throughout Scripture.     […]

Reflections of an Emerging Leader

As a fresh college graduate, I came to the Emerging Leader program in hopes that the Downline Institute would mend the wounds from a less-than-stellar last semester of college. And I wanted easier transition to the real world because what 22 year old knows exactly what they want to do with their life? I would […]

We Ain’t Seen Nothing Like Jesus Yet

Lukan Parables – Ch. 10 & 13 As I journey in the life of active discipleship, I’ve run into some trials while explaining the Scriptures to a new believer or an intrigued hopeful. Acknowledging that I am developing in my studies, going through the Lukan Parables helped me see “the gospel in story”. The foundation […]

My Year As An Emerging Leader

For the 2013-2014 Downline Institute year, I decided to come and be a part of the Emerging Leader program because I wanted to develop and mature in my faith as a believer. I had heard much praise about the program for about two years and greatly anticipated experiencing it for myself. I knew that another […]

What’s New With the Builder?

The Builder’s First Bible Book: ROMANS It’s always been our desire to provide studies through books of the Bible in the Builder, but we were trying hit all of our key topical lessons first.   Without further delay, we are excited to announce that we have our first Bible book loaded; 10 sessions on Romans […]

Thoughts on Biblical Womanhood

We have begun the Biblical Womanhood curriculum in the Downline Institute. It’s always a favorite among the women. These sixteen hours encourage and inspire us to understand and be the women God designed us to be, not the women sin and culture have made us. These sixteen hours are a great reminder of our value […]


“Given the opportunity to increase someone’s theology and biblical understanding or their relational intelligence and ability to love others well, I’d turn that second dial all day long.” – John Bryson   Is it really possible for someone to posses biblical truth and gospel comprehension and still be a bad listener (Pro.18:13), a know it […]

And we’re off….

Last night the 8th year of the Downline Institute began. I think the entire Downline staff and I are still enjoying a high from the experience. Over 200 men and women joined us in the Ed Garrett auditorium at Baptist Hospital. Students of all ages, from 36 different churches, 6 denominations, and multiple ethnicities. It […]

Emerging Leaders: Life as a Newlywed

Imagine being a newlywed, living in a new city where you know almost no one, all while going through an intense discipleship training program. This is exactly what Josh and Jordan Johnson signed on for when they decided to go through the Emerging Leader Program. You can hear their story here:

The Relationship Precedent

By Kelly Masters It seems like everywhere you look people are talking about marriage. What it is, who it’s for, and what it signifies. Regardless of the multitude of opinions on that subject, no one can deny that, sadly, marriage as a lifelong commitment is on the decline in American society. We’ve all heard the […]

Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Chapman

Have you ever heard that saying “when God closes a door He always opens a window?” For twenty year old Tyler Chapman of Boerne, TX one such window was the Downline Online program that launched last August. The online program allows interested students to form groups outside of Memphis that meet to view videos of […]

Alumni Spotlight: Nick and Andie Ray

Imagine a young couple with a gospel-centered marriage, who are raising their little girl to love the Lord, and have a heart for the nations. Sounds like a deadly combination for worldwide impact.      Andie and Nick Ray have both gone through the Downline Institute. They felt that the Lord could use their marriage […]

15 Nuggets of Wisdom

Jamie Trussell, Director the Emerging Leaders program, shares his advice for this year’s graduates. Though the original audience for this material was our graduating students, there is surely encouraging and challenging application to be found here by all.   Here are the final 15 thoughts I shared with the Emerging Leader graduates of 2012. This […]

Graduation 2012

Despite the rainy weather which forced the festivities indoors, last night’s Downline graduation for the class of 2012 was a huge success!  A big Downline THANK YOU to Christ United Methodist Church for letting us use their facilities.  It’s hard to believe another year is already in the books. With the completion of the 2011-2012 […]

Downline’s NEW Look!

By Karly Hines Our logo has changed, but our mission remains the same. Downline equips Christ followers to make disciples by training believers (Institute), rallying the church (Summit), sending ambassadors (Global), providing tools (Resources) and empowering young adults (Emerging Leaders). After the model of Christ, Downline seeks a restoration of Biblical discipleship in and through […]

This is Hard!

By Shad Berry Any individual who has endeavored to impart truth and invest in the life of another has spoken these words often. When I completed Downline I had a clear vision for what I wanted the return on the spiritual investment of my life to look like. There seemed to be a formula that […]