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The Struggle is Real, and Jesus is Too!

Spotify Playlist In my 27 years on earth, there are very few things I know with certainty. One thing I am certain of is that life is tragic, and God is faithful. The apparent discrepancy between these two truths creates a beautifully painful tension that many of us may refer to as “struggle.” We fight to experience […]

Alex Absalom – Speaker Conversation #DownlineSummit 2017

Alex Absalom Founder, Dandelion Resourcing Alex Absalom leads Dandelion Resourcing, which exists to resource leaders, churches, networks and denominations in creating missional and naturally supernatural cultures, which will consistently produce disciple-making disciples of Jesus. Based at Grace Church in Long Beach CA, he serves on the senior team as Leader of Missional Innovation. Together with Hannah […]

Shad & Corey on Accountability Pt. 1

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